Growing CBD market has scientists, regulators scrambling

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Once just a byproduct of the cannabis industry, CBD has rapidly become one of the focal points

Marijuana was synonymous with pain relief for decades. However, as the cannabis plant became better understood, it was more clear that a certain compound in its composition was a major source of positive traits in fighting not just pain, but a wide range of ailments. That compound is cannabidiol (CBD) and it has become a virtual overnight success in the cannabis industry.

Many CBD users have asserted that the compound can heal wounds, defeat anxiety, eliminate pain and even cure cancer and Alzheimer’s. These revelations have led to explosive growth, as more products are being developed that incorporate the cannabinoid.

To introduce those products, of course, there has to be more cultivation and production. Entrepreneurs and farmers alike have been scrambling to create fields of hemp that will provide CBD oil. Bakeries have begun infusing the compound into their cakes and cookies, CBD vape pens are being introduced and a continuously growing number of CBD-infused lotions and creams are being made available. There is now even CBD-infused fabric treatment.

According to Christian Grantham, who launched CBD oil production farm Half Hill Farm in Kentucky, “It’s going to start healing our nation. We’re going to start to see the ecology of our country change.”

There is still much to be seen with CBD. There will be new lines of edibles and beverages introduced starting this year that will become a multi-billion dollar industry in a very short time. We have only scratched the surface of CBD and, at this point, the sky’s the limit and the industry will expand as far as the most creative imagination will let it.