Greenheart CBD offers the industry’s first decentralized finance token

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Cryptocurrency and cannabis meet with the PUNT digital token

Greenheart CBD has brought with it many innovative ways to help the cannabis industry continue to grow in the best possible way. In order to be one of the companies with the most original ideas in CBD (cannabidiol), the company decided to launch the Greenheart PUNT decentralized finance (DeFi) token in December last year. This is considered the first tokenized CBD asset in the world, which makes them pioneers in the field.

The idea of the Greenheart PUNT is to be able to encourage the adoption of CBD products by a general global community, especially those where CBD is not yet as well recognized. This sustainable DeFi token also aims to protect token holders from price drops. To get an idea, each PUNT token means a stake in 1,000 liters of Greenheart’s full-spectrum CBD oil, which is currently valued at around $4 million. In order to provide this protection to holders, each token contains a claim on the company’s CBD oil, which means it can be used to purchase discounted CBD products on Greenheart’s dApps marketplace.

In order to start this process, the company expects to create one billion Greenheart PUNT tokens, with the goal that within the next five years, a large portion will have already been distributed to the community. Many discounts will also be given to all those companies associated with Greenheart and its relationship with the CBD.

Since the PUNT token started trading on DigiFinex on December 2, it has grown rapidly from 0.10USDT to 0.15USDT. With the arrival of a token like this, it is expected that its implementation will take off as time goes by, becoming the preferred payment method for all those users who like to buy CBD online.