“Green Wednesday” is the cannabis response to Black Friday

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Move over Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Green Wednesday is here

This year, like never before, aficionados of cannabis can find a dazzling array of gift ideas just in time for the holidays. For the first time ever, retailers are dealing with items that are specially built to consume cannabis in one way or another. Most people are tired of hearing about Black Friday, a term that is so overused as to have lost its original meaning. Now, consider seeing an ad for “Green Wednesday” when all that beautiful high tech smoking equipment displayed online is offered at a discount price.

A California delivery company called Eaze claims to have coined the phrase Green Wednesday back in 2016, and four years later, it has become a tradition where legal cannabis sales are allowed. Retailers now do a lot of their business online. The age of ordering everything online and having it delivered to your door has arrived and customers are beginning to understand that yes, this is a better way to do it. Especially now that going out to a retail shop could well put someone at risk of contracting COVID-19.

In states where adult-use marijuana is legal, there are established businesses dedicated to delivering top quality cannabis products right to your door. These days you can order pre-rolls, which are nicely rolled joints, ready to go. Also available are vaporizers, gummies (chewable), oils and tinctures, all in attractive presentations. Other retailers are offering a selection of hardware, such as vaporizers, water pipes and some new inventions that take it to another level and can be ordered online at a nice discount on Green Wednesday.