Green Thumb, Cresco continue to find support from cannabis industry analysts

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The two cannabis companies routinely stand out as valuable targets for investors

A new month has just started and with this, new projections should begin to emerge regarding the future plans of investors. During the last months of negotiations, it has been seen how many marijuana stocks have been strongly affected. However, a considerable impulse knocked on the door of the last days of April. At one point, the idea of ​​legal cannabis was a taboo topic to talk about, but now a lot has changed and the topic has become less and less stereotyped. As a new trading month begins, many feel that May will bring better market action with it and, at the moment, there are two companies that should be the priority of many investors, Green Thumb Industries and Cresco Labs.

Green Thumb, for its part, has proven to have what it takes for today to be considered a company with the best marijuana stocks in the industry. Its performance has hardly been surpassed by its peers. GTBIF shares have still maintained a solid market level and this is certainly a relief to all those who are looking to the future.

Cresco Labs has also known how to move in the market and has great relevance. Unlike Green Thumbs, Cresco’s stock is a bit more volatile and, during this recent downtrend, prices have fluctuated more than other marijuana stocks, which makes sense. These actions may not have had a strong impact a few months ago; however, at the beginning of April, that began to change, reaching a better market level.

Both companies undoubtedly have to be in the sights of many, especially for those investors who want to put their money into something that gives them total security.