Grassroots and Ganjier partner on new cannabis education program

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The cannabis companies are helping to usher in a new era of cannabis expertise

When talking about the cannabis industry, many focus on how many people are active or how many dispensaries are licensed in a state. But the drive to legitimize and expand access to this medical alternative goes beyond the monetary aspects of the industry. Beyond patients and dispensaries, acceptance and growth in other areas are key indicators of the industry’s success and evolution. And one area where cannabis has evolved is education. Grassroots, a Curaleaf brand, has partnered with Ganjier to conduct the Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program.

Many know that a traditional Sommelier’s job is to create and update the wine list in coordination with the chefs and food and beverage manager. Recommend food and wine pairings. Advise customers on wines based on their personal tastes and chosen dish.

Resembling that role, Ganjier is trained in the science, art, consumption, and knowledge of marijuana. These individuals are instrumental in raising the standard of excellence throughout the cannabis industry with their multidisciplinary knowledge and astute professionalism. After receiving overwhelming participation during the third year of enrollment, the 2023 program will feature the first education partnership.

The innovative Sommelier certification will now receive assistance from one of the largest leading teams in the cannabis industry today. Grassroots has been around for about eight years since its founding in Chicago, Illinois. The firm was originally created with the intention of perfecting the science and cultivation of cannabis. This makes it the perfect candidate for the Curaleaf team to work with Ganjier’s training projects.

“We’re proud of each and every team member embarking on this one-of-a-kind training program supporting our mission to serve, advance, and respect the cannabis movement,” said Curaleaf CPO Tyneeha Rivers. “Cannabis education is paramount for all of us at Curaleaf and this pilot program takes cannabis professionalism to the highest level.”