GOP bill wants to prevent those on federal assistance from purchasing marijuana

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Republican lawmakers don’t want TANF to be used for cannabis

The week began with a new bill introduced by Republican lawmakers in Congress that would prevent people from using federal financial assistance money to purchase marijuana at licensed dispensaries. These lawmakers think this money should be used for higher priority items.

Representative Tom Rice as the sponsor and Representative Jackie Walorski as co-sponsor of the legislation seek to continue to make an effort to prevent low-income people from using Temporary Assistance to Needy Family Funds (TANF) for cannabis The congressman reportedly believes that allowing low-income people to use this type of money to buy cannabis makes no sense and allowing this welfare assistance to be used for such purposes does nothing more than pander to their need to consume the plant.

“Those taxpayer funds should be used by families who need assistance to meet real needs,” said a Rice spokesman. “Cash benefits are already restricted at casinos, liquor stores, and strip clubs. This bill simply closes a loophole that will prevent people from exploiting the system as legal marijuana purchases continue to expand across the country.”

According to a memo on an earlier version of the measure, individuals are prohibited from using welfare benefit cards to shop at stores that have any connection to the marijuana trade, while also specifically prohibiting cash withdrawals from welfare benefits at ATMs located at these same stores.

Activists say they do not agree with this bill as it has an unfair connotation towards the most vulnerable people and emphasizes once again that stereotypes about marijuana have not been left behind. It is believed that in certain cases, the use is not only for recreation but for some kind of medical aspect, and that is why the measure should be analyzed once again before being implemented.