Global collaboration on cannabis coming soon

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The global cannabis industry could soon be seen as one large entity, uninterrupted by borders

A new international association among hemp entrepreneurs might be in the works. While the current cannabis market in the US is still facing strict regulations from states and federal government, the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) wants to advocate for the industry before global leaders. This dominant European association has unveiled its new plans to form an international hemp association that can defend the industry before authorities like the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

Representatives of EIHA met with leaders from several Canadian international peer groups back in November, according to the head of the organization on Tuesday. President Daniel Kruse spoke at the EIHA annual gathering in Germany and said that the association is supporting the creation of an international organization; however, it is not leading the project. He referred to the duration of this project as medium-term, which might start this year and finalized sometime next year.

Kruse explained that the creation of an international hemp body would give industry stakeholders from any locations a voice on hemp-related discussions at, for instance, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the Food and Agriculture Organization. “It’s an important political statement to have an international hemp association to talk to the WHO or the UN,” Kruse told more than 160 conference attendees.

In the meantime, according to Kruse, EIHA has expanded its reach to international borders. He said that the organization is currently making contacts with other non-European countries like Myanmar, Thailand, India, Ethiopia, Israel, Colombia and nations in the Gulf.

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