Genetically-modified cannabis produces better health results

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Scientists are able to improve cannabis to offer enhanced health treatments

Whatever else you want to say about the US these days, the special effects department is coming right along. There is a biotech company up in New York that has just obtained a patent for a new technology that is going to allow them to genetically modify cannabis plants. 22nd Century Group is said to be able to “create new plants with genetic profiles that could make them better as potential therapeutic treatments.”

For years, growers have been creating new strains of cannabis by the careful cross breading of different types of plants. Some of the results have been wonderful, but it can take years of patience to get more or less what you were trying to achieve in the first place. That sounds like 22nd Century has gone far beyond the “labor and wait” method that growers have traditionally used to modify strains of cannabis.

The vice president of research and development at the company, Juan Sanchez Tamburrino, said in a recent news release, “We are delighted to receive this patent, which is the result of work carried out by our own scientists. This important, new technology will allow us to genetically modify hemp and cannabis plants to modulate their cannabinoid and terpene profiles in order to tailor these plants’ therapeutic qualities and enhance the consumer’s hemp/cannabis experience.” As more is understood about cannabis and how it works on the health system, more research is being created to unlock all of the plant’s benefits. Last year was a banner year for research and there’s still a lot on the way.