Fun ways to combine cannabis and Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is here, and there are creative ways to celebrate it with cannabis

If your last few Valentine’s Day celebrations have been unremarkable, forgettable, and boring, it’s time to think outside the box and turn to cannabis to bring the magic back. Adding cannabis to your Valentine’s Day makes perfect sense. Cannabis has the ability to deepen connections between people and enhance feelings of love and affection, so much so that it would be strange not to include cannabis on this special day.

You can start the day off right by serving breakfast in bed accompanied by edibles. Get some cannabutter the day before. Armed with that, you can make just about anything from eggs and toast to strawberry waffles. Or do both. It’s Valentine’s Day. You can eat whatever you want.

If you want to give flowers and cards, you’ll have to exercise a little creativity, and that’s where marijuana can come to the rescue. All you have to do is buy a bouquet of flowers and strategically place some bright and colorful “Mary Jane” buds in and around the flowers.

In addition, if you have a little artistic flair, you can try making your own cannabis-themed Valentine’s Day card. You can draw a cannabis leaf on the front of the card, along with a greeting or a funny quote.

Cannabis not only helps you feel more connected to other people, but it also helps you feel more connected to your surroundings. Make the most of that by spending time with your partner in a natural setting, where you get sunshine and fresh air. Studies show that couples who walk together can improve their relationship, and if in between the two of you goes a good smoke of cannabis, the experience couldn’t be better.

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