Francis Ford Coppola introduces California-based marijuana retail line

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The Hollywood celebrity has joined the marijuana space

Francis Ford Coppola, who brought the world movies such as Patton and The Godfather, is now a marijuana entrepreneur. The Hollywood filmmaker has introduced a “cannabis lifestyle brand” dubbed The Grower’s Series.

Coppola, apart from bringing major Hollywood blockbusters to viewers, is already a well-established vintner and hotelier. The addition of marijuana will capitalize on his entrepreneurial skills and business prowess and will introduce three new, limited-edition strains that were “hand-selected to offer distinct and memorable experiences.”

Explained Coppola, “Wine and cannabis are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature, linked by great care, terroir and temperateness. Expertise making one applies to the other. As with growing grapes, location matters, and The Grower’s Series reflects California agricultural expertise creating a true blend of art and science.”

Each strain is meant to reflect the diversity found in the microclimates of California’s Humboldt County. The first is a sativa-dominant strain that is cultivated at 1,700 feet, in a warm, sunshine-filled climate. The second is Indica-dominant and is cultivated by Benbow Farm at 600 feet and is billed as an excellent alternative for relaxation of the mind and body. The last will be a strain offered by Salmon Creek Farm, which is cultivated at 2,400 feet. That height allows it to benefit from diverse soil and cooler temperatures.

The products are sold in one-gram containers of flower and are packaged in a tin shaped like a wine bottle. They will be available through private events in Northern California before being sold through select dispensaries in the state.

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