Four cannabis stocks can be had for less than $10, but have excellent upside potential

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These inexpensive cannabis stocks are ready to capture the coming growth of the market

One of the best reasons to buy low-priced stocks is that they have much larger growth potential. Investors should examine these four stocks that at $10 or less are a great buy and could offer a nice return on investment. Four cannabis stocks you can pick up today for less than $10 are Cresco Labs, Village Farms, Tilray and Curaleaf.

The cannabis industry is experiencing huge growth worldwide and these four cannabis stocks can offer a great way to invest in this exciting market, with just a little bit of cash. Cresco Labs has seen great growth ever since Illinois legalized adult-use marijuana in 2019, and should be able to grow exponentially in this market where it already has nine locations.

Village Farms is set to take off as the British Columbia-based company recently acquired full ownership of Pure Sunfarms. Village Farms is a bargain, priced near $5 currently.

Tilray is another great option for cannabis stock. With interests in the adult-use market, medical marijuana and hemp, the company gives investors a variety of options to see this stock grow. Tilray is priced just under $10, but it could prove to be a nice buy if it is able to work across various sectors of the cannabis market.

Curaleaf could offer one of the best options in cannabis stocks. With operations in 23 states, and possessing 95 dispensaries, it has a very solid base for future growth in the cannabis market. It could further expand its business as voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota will vote to legalize recreational cannabis. Priced at $9, Curaleaf looks like a great cannabis stock to buy.