Former Wheel of Fortune star turns to CBD

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Jenny Powell acknowledges the power of CBD oil

Add another celebrity to the growing list of individuals that understand the power of cannabis and, in particular, cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Jenny Powell, a TV presenter and former host of Wheel of Fortune, has acknowledged publicly her battle with acute migraine headaches for the past several years that can last for up to three days, and asserts that she has only been able to find relief through CBD oil.

Powell, who is currently starring on 5 Star’s Celebs on the Ranch, says that CBD oil has been “life-changing.” Averse to conventional medicines, she began using a few drops of CBD oil twice daily and she asserts, “There’s a funny taste but it doesn’t make me sleepy and there’s no woozy high. It just takes the edge off anxiety – especially for me, ­someone who lives off adrenaline.”

The migraines were triggered by hormonal changes that resulted in blurred vision, severe pain in her head and legs and she states, “There’s no relief. It gets to a point where I literally have to just curl in a ball and stay in bed.”

She uses a weaker version of CBD oil that is extracted from hemp. She adds that her father, now 91 years old, also uses CBD oil in order to combat his insomnia. Powell adds, “If it’s the cannabis oil that’s doing it, it’s worth its weight in gold. I might have just smashed the migraines for good. That’s six days of my life I’ve got back so far.”