Former US attorney joins global marijuana advisory firm

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Barry Grissom is now part of Electrum Partners, a prominent cannabis industry influencer

Barry Grissom was the US Attorney for Kansas from 2010-2016. During his tenure, he was obviously under obligation to uphold the laws of the country, even if he didn’t disagree with them. However, now that he’s out of the legal limelight, he is able to focus on his true passions. One of these is, apparently, marijuana.

Grissom has joined Electrum Partners, an advisory services firm that focuses on the cannabis industry. Given that the former US attorney once said that “Enforcement of cannabis laws was immoral,” it would appear that he’s ready to fight to change the status quo. Grissom made the comments during a recent conference that was organized by the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association.

In his new role as the company’s Corporate Counsel and Senior VP of Global Policy, Grissom comes well equipped to take on the challenges of pushing a marijuana agenda in the US. He was appointed by President Obama and oversaw a legal workforce of 49 Assistant US Attorneys. He represented the Department of Justice in communities across his district and is an expert in financial fraud, drug trafficking, violent crime and national security. He has the connections, and the knowledge, to help lobby for change at both the regional and national levels.

Electrum Partners was created to offer strategic advisory services and investment evaluation for the cannabis industry. The company’s chairman, Leslie Bocskor, is a well-known figure in the industry and also comes from a background of global banking. According to Electrum’s website, “Bocskor has become one of the most influential people in the cannabis space, guiding policy and reform.”

Having people such as Grissom and Bocskor behind the marijuana industry can go a long way toward helping shape policy, even when not directly involved in politics. Their connections, expertise, and enthusiasm play important roles in the development of the industry.

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