Former snowboarding champ launches cannabis line

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Circe Wallace glides into the marijuana industry

Circe Wallace is known for her coordination on the snowboard. She competed in the first edition of the popular X Games extreme sports competition and earned a World Championship title in Japan. She has also worked with Vans to introduce a snowboarding boot designed especially for women. Now, the athlete is looking to impress in a different field – marijuana.

Last year, Wallace created a cannabis extraction company called Hot Nife. The company offers a line of concentrates that use a variety of strains. It also has a cannabidiol (CBD) cartridge that is produced from sun-grown hemp. For the extreme fan, there is also “Hot Nife Lit,” a CBD oil that contains as much as 90% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Says Wallace, “I see cannabis as an area of immense and incredible opportunity for women. I have to believe that shop owners and consumers will want to do business with operators who are honest and see the big picture. This business really is about relationships.”

The company is branded with a ’90s vibe. All of the products carry bright neon color schemes and wild scripts. Of course, Wallace couldn’t completely forget her past – Hot Nife also includes a line of skateboard decks.

Wallace has been called “one of the most influential figures in global action sports” by Red Bull for her talents with the snowboard. She parlayed that experience into one of the most successful athlete agency companies and, now the cannabis industry. She might now very well be one of the most influential figures in the global cannabis movement.