Former luxury car execs from Audi and Bentley launch high-end cannabis brand

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A new luxury cannabis option is coming from several global business leaders

Having been at the helm of luxury automotive companies such as Audi, Bentley, Genesis and Toyota undoubtedly generates key knowledge on how to manage a business. Former executives of these brands are looking to leverage that wisdom to join forces and announce the launch of a new cannabis lifestyle company, LBRTE.

The brand’s main goal is to cater to a savvy audience with its modern, high-design approach. Its launch is expected to arrive in the spring of this year, accompanied by a line of custom-made accessories and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In order to ensure that all concentrates are solvent-free, LBRTE uses a patented hashish washing system during processing.

Dustin Teuscher, COO and founder of the company, seems to have the knowledge necessary to bring this process to life. In addition to having an outstanding engineering background, Teuscher pioneered the application of jet injection technology for the extraction of pressed hashish. By not using harmful chemicals and terpenes, this patented water jetting method becomes a more efficient operation than other methods.

LBRTE is looking to bring to market a stylish suite of cannabis products, including hash-infused pre-rolls, pressed hash, flower-only pre-rolls, solvent-free disposable vape pens and edible-infused oils. The line will be focused on the California online market and will be sold directly to connoisseurs and not through dispensaries. Los Angeles residents will be the first to enjoy the delivery service, but the company expects accessibility to be expanded in the Golden State over the course of the year.

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