Florida marijuana legalization initiative gains support

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Floridians may be able to vote on legalized cannabis, but not for another two years

Florida could be taking important steps towards the legalization of marijuana. Yesterday, a new industry-led campaign was unveiled with the intention of getting cannabis legalization on the ballot in 2024. While it seems like a long time, the fact that the process is starting now ensures that everything can turn out positively.

The state Supreme Court has been one of the strongest obstacles that the legalization of adult-use marijuana has faced in recent years, as many of these proposals have been challenged or rejected there. However, the winds may now be blowing in the right direction as the Smart & Safe Florida Politics committee made it clear that the language of its proposed amendment to the state’s cannabis law will avoid such bumps in the road and prevail.

Trulieve is currently the Sunshine State’s largest medical cannabis operator, and to the initiative’s fortune, it has its full support. Added to this is support from the musicians of the country band The Bellamy Brothers. They appear in an early ad for the effort referring to the civil liberties implications and economic opportunities that could be realized through recreational legalization.

Should the measure receive all the necessary approvals, it will pave the way for existing medical cannabis companies to have the opportunity to sell marijuana to all adults over the age of 21. Clearly, having the largest footprint in the state, Trulieve would be one of the biggest beneficiaries of such a move. On the other hand, domestic cultivation would not be allowed under the proposal as currently drafted.