Fire & Flower is a great cannabis target as it prepares for NASDAQ launch

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The cannabis company is expected to see huge growth once it goes public

For those who are looking to invest in a big cannabis stock, the wait has ended. Fire & Flower seems to be a potentially good option. A great future is expected to come to this top Canadian cannabis retailer and there could be even more, since there’s a chance it could join the NASDAQ exchange very soon as it filed an application last month.

The reason why Fire & Flower is considered a big opportunity is that, even when its market cap is still a modest $240 million, the growth that it has seen lately is expanding. If we add a big investor capable of backing the business, there’s nothing that can stop it. Partnerships in this type of industry have always played a crucial role, such as Canopy Growth partnering with Constellation Brands, making it a very safe and stable investment.

Something similar is seen with Fire & Flower, which has a great strategic partner in Alimentation Couche-Tard, an enormous convenience store with more than 14,000 locations across the globe. In the US, it has a more familiar name and maybe Circle K brand can ring the bell. It’s clear that Alimentation Couche-Tard has all the required knowledge to grow a business, and Fire & Flower can definitely take advantage of it in order to expand its sales worldwide.

If Fire & Flower manages to join the NASDAQ, it will become more accessible to investors, giving it the option to boost the stocks. For the last 12 months, its shares have doubled in value, letting investors know the retailer is headed down the right path.