FDA looking into CBD regulation

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“Alternative approaches” to regulating CBD products could be coming

Federal lawmakers recently launched an effort to have the Food & Drug Administration take a more proactive approach to regulating the CBD (cannabidiol) market. They sent a letter to the agency in hopes of getting it to clarify its stance on how it would govern CBD products, and the FDA has announced that it is now exploring “possible alternative approaches” to regulations.

While speaking at a conference hosted by the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, FDA Commissioner Scot Gottlieb acknowledged that the agency understands that many in the organization are waiting to understand the “regulatory framework for products derived from cannabis.” He discussed the 2018 Farm Bill, which retained the FDA’s authority over cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds, asserting that the agency will react if companies make unsanctioned claims regarding the benefits of CBD products or if they engage in interstate commerce of any foods that contain cannabis compounds.

Gottleib added that the FDA is open to exploring other options to regulate CBD. He explained, “We’re planning to seek broad public input on this pathway, including information on the science and safety behind CBD. But we know that this process could take time. So we’re also interested in hearing from stakeholders and talking to Congress on possible alternative approaches to make sure that we have an appropriately efficient and predictable regulatory framework for regulating CBD products.”

He said later in his speech that CBD isn’t “risk free” and that “there are potential risks associated with its use.” Coincidentally, he described every product available on the market today, including the myriad of lab-based chemical medicines that don’t seem to find resistance from the FDA.

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