Exploring the celebrity cannabis brands found in Colorado

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Colorado has a number of celebrity-led cannabis products consumers should try

Colorado, apart from being a state where the cannabis culture is lived in its maximum expression, is also a place where many celebrities have entrusted their marijuana brands. The cannabis lifestyle has been lived in this state for many years already, which makes it a special place to establish brands and obtain exponential profits.

Jesse Channon is the CGO of Columbia Care, a company that has done collaborations with Mike Tyson and Pitbull. Channon claims that cannabis has been embraced for quite some time by different celebrities, especially since the plant is seen as an enabler of inspiration and creativity.

The famous country singer, Willie Nelson, is one of the celebrities who has opened operations in Colorado. In 2016, Texas’ most beloved stoner launched his own marijuana brand called Willie’s Reserve, based in Denver. Here, consumers can find vape products, flowers, pre-rolled joints, all with a western theme.

Lil Wayne has also relied on the Centennial State market after launching its GKUA Ultra-Premium line earlier this year. It includes more than 15 different flower strains and about a dozen vape cartridges, with names like The Lean and Sour Weezy.

Tommy Chong, Jim Belushi and even the legendary former boxer Myke Tyson are also part of this extensive list of celebrities who have brought their businesses to Colorado. Tyson, a few days ago, debuted his Tyson 2.0 brand, which offers different strains of flowers such as OG Kush and Maui Wowie. The line is available exclusively at The Green Solution before it launches nationwide in the coming months.