Exploring healthy ways to enjoy cannabis edibles

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Consuming cannabis edibles doesn’t necessarily mean you’re eating junk food

Cannabis usage has increased immensely over the past few years and has driven cannabis users to look for both new and healthy ways to enjoy its benefits—many new and experienced cannabis users like the variety of options that Edibles provide. Edibles are generally considered cannabis-infused foods or beverages that can be consumed to get similar benefits to smoking or vaping cannabis products. The major differences that come into play are determined by the amount of cannabis found in each edible. Edibles allow users to control the dose of cannabis they consume to a better degree, and can both slow the absorption of cannabis, well as extend the time frame the user is affected.

You can buy cannabis gummies with low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels for sale, or purchase edibles such as brownies or cookies with higher cannabis content. Drinking a cannabis-infused beverage is another option many people enjoy. You can drink it in tea or coffee or even try one of the new cannabis-infused seltzers or beers that are flooding the market. It is said that adding mango to a drink will increase the intensity of your high, since mangoes have myrcene, which increases the euphoric feeling of cannabis. It is truly a match made in heaven.

Cannabis oil is derived from the cannabis plant and can be purchased in varying cannabinoid levels. In the case of THC oil, the flower is extracted in order to increase the level of THC in the final product. CBD (cannabidiol) capsules or pills offer a quicker high as the cannabis will go straight to your bloodstream. Tinctures offer an easy way to consumption cannabis by placing it under your tongue. Try and edible and see which one you prefer for cannabis.