Exploring Colorado’s cannabis tour scene

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Colorado’s cannabis industry offers incredible interaction to stay on top of the latest and greatest

The world is – slowly – returning to normal following the COVID-19 issues and, even though there is still more to be done before things stabilize, it’s now easier to get out and about than it was at almost any time in 2020. With that in mind, there are some good reasons to visit Colorado if you need an escape from the stress and anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and a number of cannabis tour options are available to let you catch up on the latest and greatest in the industry.

The “Original Colorado Cannabis Tour” has been a go-to for Denver’s cannabis industry and is the longest-running in the city. It offers “exclusive access” to OG Medicinai’s grow facility, dispensaries and a mountain excursion, giving visitors a little bit of everything.

There’s also the “Hash Class & Facility Tour,” which offers an in-depth demonstration and tour of cannabis extraction. Participants can learn about the various types of terpenes, rosin, ethanol extraction and more, and can be combined with the Cooking with Cannabis tour to make it even more interesting.

The “CannaBrew Brewery and Dispensary Grow Viewing” gives visitors a little more than cannabis. Participants visit a dispensary (chauffeured in a cannabis-friendly vehicle, of course) and then visit two local breweries for some taste-testing excitement.

Before setting out on a cannabis adventure, make sure everything is in order. Tour companies have to follow health and safety measures, which means some might have decided to take a break until after the COVID-19 confusion goes away.