Exploring cannabis to treat cachexia

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The by-product of a number of illnesses, cachexia can lead to permanent muscular damage

With more time and research invested in understanding the cannabis plant, there are more medical conditions that could get benefits from this substance. Based on recent discoveries, one really wasting syndrome called cachexia can be treated with the help of cannabis. This is a condition that happens to the body after suffering for a long time as a result of heavy diseases like cancer, HIV and AIDS, kidney or heart failure, or advanced kidney disease. This condition that often leads to major weight loss and even muscle breakdown might be finding relief in cannabis as well.

Cachexia patients usually start with a really bad weakness that gradually worsens. Eventually, when the muscles are worn down, many patients pass away. This is where cannabis can help the most, as it increases appetite considerably; keep eating is one of the things that are essential to keep these patients alive and aim for survival. In a study, some of these patients were treated at a medical center using cannabis products to test how effective it was. Most patients who start developing cachexia often lose their appetites, which only makes the symptoms worse. However, the cannabis was shown to help restore the appetite, leading to stronger recoveries.

When it comes to prescribed medication, the options out there are not as effective as they can take months to have an effect or they can have strong side effects that are debilitating on their own. Particularly for patients with kidney failure, using prescribed medications is not good because the kidney can’t process them; however, cannabis is metabolized through the liver, which means it can resolve the problems much safer than lab-based alternatives.