Exploring cannabis culture through art now mainstream

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Artists are using their talents to highlight cannabis in society

Greg Welch’s art has become very popular in recent times, especially among those who are as big a fan of cannabis as they are of music and art. Working under the name Cannabiscapes, the young artist has been responsible for producing hundreds of works of art using simply ground cannabis flowers and other cannabis-related products. From stores and album covers to art galleries, Cannabiscapes has become an excellent way to convey the whole cannabis-related culture, which has left more than one enthusiast open-mouthed.

According to Welch, much of his success is due to collaboration and the trick. He says he never intended to involve any ego in the process but only wishes to bring his art to the world using cannabis plants, especially in an era where their use for different purposes is becoming more common. “People at shows that would have new items for the cannabis industry and I would offer to trade. I’d make some weed art, post it up on my Instagram account, and get something cool for my archives. Win-win,” he said during a recent interview.

It seems his goodwill and initiative have paid off. Four years after embarking on this venture, Welch is working with many of the companies he formed a collaboration with earlier in his career. As curious as it sounds, Welch wasn’t really a cannabis user when he was younger. In fact, his involvement with the plant came when he moved to South Florida and was just 20 years old. There, he fell in love with a group of people he defines as “successful hustlers.” He added, “They were all responsible and smoked weed so I figured it couldn’t be all bad. That was really the start of me consuming and recognizing the connections that cannabis creates.”

Sometime after that, Welch decided to look for a job related to the cannabis industry, landing a sales position for a tracking software company. It was around this time that he started being a marijuana artist and opened the Cannabiscapes Instagram account.