Experiencing cannabis in Sonoma County, CA

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Take a trip down cannabis lane in California

“Sonoma County is so much more than just great wineries and great dining, and with the legalization of cannabis, we, of course, had to fold that into our portfolio of offerings,” said Joe Bartolomei, co-owner of Farmhouse Inn in Forestville while he speaks about the service offered. This luxurious resort presents a fancy menu for its guests, and it has nothing to do with cannabis edibles or drinks. A cannabis menu is presented to those customers who want to order a premium strain and get it delivered straight to their rooms. This is just one of the many options a cannabis tour in Sonoma County can offer.

After the service was launched this summer, it has had a lot of attention and response. Bartolomei also explains that having a menu comes as a soft-sell scenario in which the demands of its customers can be met without having to force products upon guests who are not interested. “By using the in-room menus and understanding the sensitivity that some travelers may have [about cannabis], it’s a passive program that guests choose to take advantage of,” he explains.

Besides Farmhouse Inn there are other hotels and outfitters in the county that are offering cannabis-friendly programs for the out of town visitors. Brian Applegarth, the founder of the California Cannabis Tourism, said, “The reality is pretty simple. People are visiting here, going to dispensaries and seeking to make cannabis part of their experience. It’s up to us to guide them, teach them and make sure they have positive experiences at every step of the way.”

Other places to visit while in Sonoma county are The Flamingo Resort & Spa, the official hotel of the Emerald Cup, but no products are offered in the room yet. The Sandman Hotel in Santa Rosa is also working on a project to include products from the vendor Garden Society to offer to its customers.