Etiquette tips for consuming marijuana

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As with everything, there’s a time and a place for marijuana

Marijuana is gaining in popularity around the US. As it continues to grab hold of society, it’s important to know when, where and how marijuana use is acceptable. These tips provide an overview of how to maintain marijuana manners.

If you’re invited to a gathering of semi-casual acquaintances, ask before showing up. Find out if it will be okay to consume cannabis where the event will be held.

The same can be said for an event hosted by friends or family. Some may be open to allowing attendees to consume, but Lizzie Post of the Emily Post Institute points out that “For others, it’s not going to be the right fit and you’re going to know better than anybody where your family stands on the issue and what would be respectful to them in their homes and during the occasion.”

If you’re planning on hosting your own event and expect that cannabis might make its way to the party, tell those invited ahead of time whether or not it will be acceptable. If it is acceptable, make sure you establish boundaries as necessary – don’t smoke in the kitchen, only smoke by the swimming pool, etc. As is the case with alcohol, be prepared to take away someone’s car keys if you think they’ve passed a safe consumption limit.

It goes without saying that the rules of etiquette don’t necessarily apply to something as simple as rubbing one’s hands with CBD lotion. However, smoking or vaping could receive the same curt looks or snide remarks associated with cigarette smoking. Be considerate of those around you and show a little politeness and courtesy. There’s nothing wrong with moving away from someone who doesn’t want to be bothered by second-hand smoke – take it outside or some other approved area that won’t impact partygoers.