Endometriosis sufferers find relief in cannabis

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The painful affliction can be treated successfully through marijuana

Endometriosis occurs when the cells similar to those in the endometrium form on the outside of the female uterus, instead of inside. It can be seen on the ovaries, the Fallopian tubes or the uterus and results in extreme pain and infertility, with many sufferers reporting constant pelvic pain and almost half becoming infertile. Fortunately for those dealing with the debilitating affliction, there is now evidence showing that marijuana can provide relief.

Endometriosis can go incorrectly diagnosed for years. Many sufferers are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and physicians often dismiss the condition as nothing more than extreme menstrual cramps. Those who deal with it, however, know that it is something more than that.

One endometriosis sufferer says that she has found relief with certain types of cannabis. She wasn’t identified by name, but asserted, “Wax or shatter is most effective for me, specifically a high CBD content with a decent THC amount. This medicine consistently reduces my pain from a 10+ to a more manageable four or five. Some days [it provides] even more relief.”

Another stated, “Last year, when I was 31, I had emergency surgery for a cyst so painful that it was unable to be controlled with opiates. I got a colonoscopy, where they removed precancerous polyps and found damage to my esophagus — evidence of my overuse of over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen. I still had pain and nausea. I made the decision to quit nursing school and get a medical marijuana card…When I got my medical card, it saved my life. Cannabis helped me to deal with my mild-moderate chronic pain. I experimented with leaf, hash, oils, vaping, and edibles. Edibles are great for my more severe pain. For daily use, vaping THC at night for pain and insomnia gives me wonderful results. While during the day, CBD doesn’t affect me mentally but treats my inflammation and nausea.”

As a word of caution, anyone considering adding marijuana to a medical treatment plan should always discuss options with a physician (or two) before stepping forward. The human body can react differently to marijuana and it’s important to find the right dose that will provide the most benefits. However, marijuana can inarguably be an important part of any medical treatment.