“Eco-friendly” cannabis packaging hits the market

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STO Responsible finds a niche in offering containers that won’t harm the environment

STO Responsible takes protecting the environment seriously. The Boulder, CO-based company is determined to see a reduction in dependence on plastics and has sought out a way to provide marijuana packaging solutions that are not harmful to Mother Nature. It has achieved its goal, creating a new product line that can be reused and repurposed and which is completely biodegradable.

It took three years of research and development for the company to find its solution, but the hard work paid off. The cannabis packages it offers can easily be reused by consumers and there is also an innovative feature that makes the packages even more appealing. If it doesn’t make it to the recycling pipeline, an oxygen-drive additive in the package’s formulation creates a bio-degradation process that will result in the container degenerating safely.

On average, plastics take 500 years to break down. However, STO’s packages can degenerate between five and ten years. According to the company’s co-founder and CEO, Nicole Elkind, “Our packaging acts as an insurance policy: While we always encourage recycling, it doesn’t always happen. Oxo-biodegradation technology ensures that even if this packaging doesn’t end up in the right place, we’re still reducing landfill waste and avoiding long-term harm to our oceans.”

The containers aren’t limited to marijuana use, either. Elkind explains, “Our containers can hold your hardware, craft supplies, makeup items, snacks, jewelry or small collectibles, just to name a few. While consumers should take the normal precautions to keep cannabis products out of reach of children and pets, STO Responsible packaging is child- and pet-resistant to add a level of safety.”

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