Dutchie is bringing a new insurance product to the cannabis industry

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The insurance policy will give cannabis entrepreneurs an additional layer of protection

On a business or personal level, having insurance increases the likelihood of surviving natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and fires. Insurance policies should not be considered as an expense but as an investment, because, in the event of a loss, everything that could have been lost is recovered. This allows a prompt recovery and continuity of the business. Dutchie wants to provide this type of protection to cannabis businesses, especially after weeks of heavy damage in the southeastern corner of the country.

Through Dutchie Insurance, the technology platform powering cannabis commerce, wants to make sure cannabis businesses are protected from any unforeseen events. Many businesses continue to suffer from problems managing their finances due to the lack of banking reform. That alone seems to be a big enough headache for them to have to deal with significant material losses.

Dutchie Insurance is a new full-service insurance offering designed to meet the needs of the cannabis industry. Its primary purpose is to offer comprehensive protection at the lowest prices.

“Cannabis businesses need adequate insurance coverage that gives them peace of mind and confidence that their businesses will be protected no matter what,” said Mauricio Comi, head of Dutchie Insurance. “Dutchie Insurance builds on our mission to help create safe and easy access to cannabis by ensuring the industry is supported and positioned to reach its full potential.”

In addressing this issue, the Dutchie team uses a variety of data to detect gaps in insurance and ensure that any marijuana business has the right coverage at all times. The service offers plans that cover and protect everything for a cannabis business, including property, physical products, claims and more.