Dozens of cities and counties across California could advance recreational marijuana

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November is going to be an important month for cannabis fans in California

A number of California counties and cities could have the opportunity to open new adult-use marijuana markets depending on the outcome of the November ballot. As a result, the Golden State could add as many as 250 retail licenses and large amounts of business opportunities for companies looking to tie into the industry.

This fall, at least 28 municipalities are listed to include some cannabis ballot initiatives. That’s definitely the most ever seen since the state began regulating recreational marijuana use a little more than four years ago.

Dirk Voss, director of compliance and governance for Zen Cannabis, a company that sells cannabis products and edibles both inside and outside of California, said these upcoming ballot measures are quite encouraging. He added, “If passed, it will open up additional operational dispensaries throughout the state if those cities move forward and actually license dispensaries at the local level.”

Many of the referendums coming up later this year will ask voters to ban or approve cannabis businesses, especially retail. Municipalities such as Avenal in the Central Valley, Huntington Beach in Orange County, and Healdsburg in Sonoma County will address local prohibition through commercial marijuana tax measures that would essentially pave the way for regulated markets, provided they receive the green light.

Voters themselves are leading these ballot campaigns, which over time will be essential to minimizing the large gaps in consumer accessibility. Many counties and cities in the state still prohibit commercial marijuana operations, but the landscape may change before 2022 comes to an end.

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