DOJ’s response to White House marijuana expungement degree can boost the industry

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The Justice Department promises to act swiftly in carrying out President Biden’s order

President Joe Biden recently issued a directive aimed at prosecuting pardons for mass marijuana possession and reviewing the status of the plant’s federal classification. The move has now reached the attention of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), where it is said that swift action will be taken to follow the new instructions from the White House.

A DOJ spokesperson did not take long after the President made the surprise announcement to issue a statement. It’s been said that the department has no problem complying with the marijuana directive in an expeditious manner. The fact that the DOJ agrees with the POTUS makes the measure achieve a much higher level of success.

“The Justice Department will expeditiously administer the President’s proclamation, which pardons individuals who engaged in simple possession of marijuana, restoring political, civil, and other rights to those convicted of that offense,” DOJ said. “In coming days, the Office of the Pardon Attorney will begin implementing a process to provide impacted individuals with certificates of pardon.”

The agency added that DOJ officials will work hand-in-hand with HHS in launching a scientific review of how and why cannabis is classified under federal law. It was made clear that in addition to not covering any state marijuana-related offenses, the proclamation does not apply to individuals “who were convicted of possessing multiple different controlled substances in the same offense.”

Governors were Biden’s primary audience, as the President asked them to be able to explore similar relief measures. Many subject matter experts praised Biden’s move, as was the case with White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Rahul Gupta.