DIY cannabis topical oils are simple, fast

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Making cannabis-infused topical lotions at home is easier than most realize

Cannabis-based lotions, ointments, creams and salves have already been demonstrated to provide an array of positive enhancements, from better skin tone to pain and arthritis relief. While there are a number of over-the-counter products available at dispensaries across the country, there’s something to be said for making your own at home. And, it’s a lot easier than most people think.

What you’ll need:

7-10 grams of ground, dried cannabis
1 ½ cups of coconut oil
1/3 cup olive oil (optional)
1/3 cup beeswax
1 baking sheet
1 saucepan (or double boiler)
1 jar
1 cheesecloth
A few drops of essential oil (your choice)

Preheat the over to 240F. Spread the dried ground cannabis on a baking sheet and put in the oven for about 25 minutes after it reaches temperature. While the marijuana is in the oven, combine the oils in a saucepan (or double boiler) over low heat and stir. When the marijuana is ready, pull it from the oven and add it to the oils. Keep the concoction on low heat and stir for about another 20-25 minutes.

Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth into a jar and set aside. In the same saucepan, melt the beeswax and then slowly combine the infused oil. Once everything is fully mixed, remove from the heat and store in containers – 4-ounce glass canning jars work great. That’s all there is to it.

You can also convert the salve into a lotion or cream by adding a cup of alo vera gel, one teaspoon of vitamin E oil and two tablespoons of cocoa or shea butter.

Keep in mind that the salve (or lotion) won’t have a long shelf-life, but keeping it in a cool and dark place will help it survive longer. Only make batches that you can use within the next 2-3 weeks.

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