Dixie Elixir is DOPE Cup’s favorite beverage

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A Dixie Brands beverage wins big at the High Desert event in California

The inaugural DOPE Cup: High Desert event wrapped up this week after two days in Adelanto, California. The event was hosted by High Times and DOPE Magazine, and was designed to combine the legacy of the Cannabis Cup with the flare of a DOPE Cup. In addition to music and festivities, there were also awards given for different classes of products. Taking home the award for “Best Beverage” was Dixie Elixir Fruit Punch, one of the main products offered by cannabis packaged goods company Dixie Brands.

The event was held March 23-24 and was the first state-sanctioned cannabis sales and consumption event of the year. Dixie Elixirs are the mainstay of the Dixie company, a soda infused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that launched the company about ten years ago. Since then, the company has produced over 100 cannabis-infused products in 15 categories.

Dixie Brands VP of Marketing Andrew Floor states, “Dixie has been perfecting the art and science of crafting quality infused-cannabis products for nearly a decade and we are always thrilled and humbled to get such glowing feedback, especially from the connoisseurs who serve as judges at these major festivals. Consuming a cannabis-infused beverage is about so much more than just how it makes you feel, people want to enjoy the experience and flavor matters, just as it does with a cocktail, a glass of wine or beer.”

Each of the products presented in the Best Beverage category was evaluated by a panel of independent judges. The drinks were rated based on smell, look, taste and effectiveness, as well as whether nor the judge would recommend it to a friend or look for it in a store.