Dispensary in Massachusetts replaces lines with an app

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The latest dispensary in the state is hoping to avoid issues all others have seen

When marijuana dispensaries began popping up in Massachusetts, they all had one common issue – long lines of customers waiting to be served. A new dispensary set to open – the eighth to introduce cannabis products – in the state is learning from the past and hopes it can offer its customers a novel approach to avoiding long waits. Instead of having to suffer in line, clients of Northeast Alternatives in Fall River can download and app to their smartphone and learn when to visit the dispensary.

The app is called QLess and it is an existing line-creating and schedule management app. Customers can send a text up to an hour before the store opens in order to mark their spot in line. The app then gives them an approximate time to show up at the dispensary and includes updates throughout the day so the customers will know how things are moving along.

Northeast asserts that it won’t have a satellite parking lot – because it won’t be needed. The efficiency of the app will make visits less time-consuming and less stressful, and walk-in clients won’t even be allowed. All customers will need to schedule a visit using QLess.

QLess claims that it can help businesses boost revenue by 50% and increase operational efficiencies by 90%. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and the system “features learning algorithms process several data points to provide an accurate forecasted wait time for each customer.”