Detroit is going to get its own cannabis lounge at the DTE Energy music theater

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Cannabis lounges continue to find new homes in legal states across the US

DTE Energy Music Theatre, ranked among the top amphitheaters in the world, is located in Clarkston, Michigan. It is a favorite venue for many of the country’s top touring acts and now it can be a great destination for marijuana enthusiasts. It is well known that this community enjoys smoking marijuana while relaxing to good music and this is something that has become more and more consistent as the legalization of marijuana continues to spread steadily. In order to continue to satisfy the desires of this loyal community, it has been announced that Lume, Michigan’s largest cannabis company, with 21 dispensaries, has decided to sign a five-year agreement with entertainment company 313 Presents to make Lume the official cannabis of DTE Energy Music Theatre.

This venue, surrounded by lush green forests and crystal clear lakes, seats 15,274 people. A large portion of the seating is covered by a giant canopy with a green lawn at the back of the venue, and there is no doubt that it has all the qualities a cannabis lover wants to have around while smoking a good marijuana joint.

The smell of marijuana will be nothing new on the amphitheater hill, as it has been smoked and vaporized there since it was initially known as Pine Knob. What is important and the great news is that now a big name like DTE Energy now has an official cannabis brand. The idea is that Lume will in the future be able to sell products for consumption in the concert hall.

“We’re trying to bring cannabis out of the shadows and into the spotlight and bring it to culturally mainstream events,” says John Gregory, Lume’s marketing director. “Cannabis and music have always gone well together, not tied to a specific type of music. We can showcase our brand in an unexpected way. We want the taboo and old feelings of prohibition to pass out of sight.”