Denver’s Marijuana Mansion is a must-see when visiting the city

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The property offers an incredible experience and some say it’s even haunted

Denver residents and visitors who like marijuana can now make room in their schedule to visit a mansion that is completely 420-friendly. Lisa Leder, the new owner and creative director of this mansion, has decided to open its doors for a mind-blowing and cannabis-friendly experience, something that cannabis enthusiasts are always looking for.

Besides offering a trip back in time, this mansion also offers a completely innovative dimension. Through large staircases, you can reach rooms that have been turned into time capsules. There is no doubt that The Marijuana Mansion should be one of your favorite destinations whenever you find yourself in the Mile High City.

Its grand reopening last month is a tribute to the space related to cannabis, and this makes visitors to this place can enjoy an unparalleled cannabis experience. If you want a perfect combination of a private place, a museum and an art exhibition, this mansion will certainly meet all your expectations. “When we walked in and heard the name Marijuana Mansion, we thought it was great,” Leder said, recounting the day he became interested in buying the property. “And then when we saw the dispensary in the back … everything just clicked.”

The history of the mansion dates back to the late 1800s. Back then, it was known as The Cresswell Mansion, in honor of a local businessman who used to work at the chamber of commerce to promote Denver’s manufacturing industry. Its name now comes from the fact that the city became the headquarters of the Marijuana Policy Project. In fact, inside this mansion was drafted Amendment 64, which would serve shortly thereafter to legalize marijuana in the state, and be the first in the US to make it a reality, almost ten years ago.

Having said this, there is no doubt that the mansion keeps in its walls a rich history, especially for those who like to relive the past while smoking a good marijuana joint.