Democrats participate in marijuana trivia game

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The exercise was designed to raise awareness and create unity around cannabis

Last week, a group of Democratic members of Congress participated in a retreat that was organized in order to bring the members together and build bonds between them. One of the exercises involved a trivia game that involved marijuana and helped to raise awareness about the natural plant and unite the party on a single goal.

The trivia game included a category called “Green New Deal,” which was taken from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, and her climate change legislation. AOC also participated in the game. The questions were not necessarily based on policy concerns but, instead, focused on how much lawmakers knew of the plant, its place in cultural and how it’s consumed.

AOC, along with Representatives Katie Hill and Ruben Gallego, made it to the finals. A trivia entry that sought the second main type of marijuana alongside indica was correctly identified as sativa by both AOC and Hill.

The big winner, however, was Gallego. A question was posed that looked for the name of a device that uses water or air pressure to draw smoke, and he was the only one to correctly say gravity bong.

The inclusion of the marijuana trivia is a good sign that Congress is starting to take a vested interest in the subject. Without proper knowledge, lawmakers cannot make decisions and anything that will help their personal edification should be welcome in the attempt to advance marijuana legalization. The trivia game will have provided facts many weren’t aware of and those facts will stick with them as cannabis bills continue to be circulated.

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