Demi Lovato takes a trip to marijuana farm and samples the goods

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The singer shows off a California-based farm as she shows her support for marijuana

It seems that singer Demi Lovato is not afraid to share her lifestyle through her social networks and recently shared with all her fans and followers a visit to a marijuana farm and showed how she enjoyed consuming its products. Ball Family Farms, a premium cannabis company in Los Angeles, opened its doors to the famous artist, who did not hesitate to share a video while smoking a joint in a car. The singer captioned the video, “Left w some goodies aka MIYAGI DO.”

Demi, who also came out as non-binary three months ago, has been very open about her near-death experience in 2018 and the whole process she has had to go through for her respective recovery. “Sober California” is the term she has decided to adopt regarding this topic. There is no exact definition for this term, but it usually means that the person uses a little marijuana and has the ability to drink alcohol in moderation.

This is not the first time a celebrity is seen uploading her lifestyle on her social networks. As the legalization trend increases, it opens up more marijuana exposure for many well-known people worldwide. So much so that at marijuana-related events, different artists are being featured to celebrate with the participants. Many of them have actually started to create their own lifestyle brand based on marijuana, such as Snoop Dog or Seth Rogen. Demi now wants to join the list of celebrities who have openly expressed their love for cannabis, especially for the relaxing and anti-stress properties that help so much in a celebrity with a busy life.

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