Delaware lawmakers explore adult-use cannabis laws

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The push for recreational marijuana in the US continues as Delaware joins the list

The adult-use cannabis market is becoming an attraction in many states across the country, including Delaware. Lawmakers in The First State are beginning to look at these laws and a state House committee has introduced a bill that seeks to open the doors to this market. It has been said that social equity and small business opportunities are its primary focus.

The initial steps towards legalizing a commercial market appear to already be a reality in Delaware. Midweek the House Health and Human Development Committee gave the go-ahead to a Democrat-sponsored bill, the Delaware Marijuana Control Act, mostly along party lines.

Before it goes to the full House for a vote, the bill must first be marked up by the House Appropriations Committee. Should it succeed, it would need a 60% majority to pass, according to the Washington, DC-based Marijuana Policy Project.

Should the legislation go into effect, different licenses would be issued over a 19-month period. The reported licenses would be for 30 retailers, including 15 for social equity applicants, 60 for cultivation, including 20 for social equity applicants. Half of the cultivation licenses would be reserved for small growers with less than 2500 square feet of space.

In addition, a total of 30 licenses would be issued for product manufacturers, including ten for social equity applicants and ten for microenterprises. There would also be five for testing laboratories, including two for social equity applicants.

The text of the legislation indicates that a total tax of 15% would be levied on retail sales. Once the tax revenue is generated, it was indicated that 7% would be used to support a Justice Reinvestment Fund.