DEA wants to dramatically increase cannabis cultivation next year

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The federal agency is going to triple its quota for 2023

Cannabis research processes are increasingly relevant for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Therefore, the agency considers it necessary that the amount of marijuana that can be legally manufactured for this activity be doubled by 2023. At the same time, it seeks to significantly increase the quota for the production of psychedelics such as LSD, psilocin and mescaline.

According to a notice to be published soon in the Federal Register, the DEA proposed to cultivate approximately 6.7 million grams of cannabis. This figure translates to about 14,770 pounds. For this year, the final marijuana quota was 3.2 million grams, while for 2021, about two million grams were to be cultivated.

The DEA finally gave the green light for more manufacturers to grow cannabis for research purposes. This will undoubtedly make the agency’s plans much easier to achieve. After getting the go-ahead, growers have the ability to apply for a contract to be federal suppliers of cannabis for research purposes under the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

“These proposed 2023 quotas reflect the quantities that DEA believes are necessary to meet the estimated medical, scientific, research, and industrial needs of the United States, including any increase in demand for certain controlled substances used to treat patients with COVID-19; lawful export requirements; and the establishment and maintenance of reserve stocks,” the DEA said. As more states legalize medical marijuana, the more interest there is in researching how its components positively affect human health.