DEA says it will approve cultivator applications, eventually

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The agency is shuffling its feet with applications

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has acknowledged that yes, it is currently reviewing applications from manufacturers of bulk marijuana who are interested in supplying cannabis for research. It reaffirmed its position because, after two whole years, it still hasn’t made much progress in the review process. In fact, to date, it’s track record of approvals is as low as it can be – it hasn’t yet approved a single application.

The DEA announced last year that it would increase the quota of marijuana for research purposes from 1,000 to 5,400. However, there is still only one approved facility. That facility is the University of Mississippi, which has repeatedly been called out for providing inferior product that can impede proper scientific research. The school has held its monopoly for more than 50 years.

In its latest post on the subject, the DEA asserted, “The DEA increased the production quota for marihuana based solely on increased usage projections for federally approved research projects. The DEA continues to review applications for registration and registers the number of bulk manufacturers of a controlled substance that is necessary to produce an adequate and uninterrupted supply.”

It may not be completely the DEA’s fault that it has been somewhat sluggish in approving applications. The entire process was ultimately overseen by the country’s former attorney general and strict marijuana opponent, Jeff Sessions. Since he is no longer on the scene, perhaps the DEA can actually make headway with its pile of applications.