Dating scene could be shaped by cannabis

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“Cannabis compatibility” could make relationships stronger

There are dating sites, and then there are dating sites. While it may not appear that there’s much of a connection between cannabis and relationships, new sites are popping up that help marijuana consumers find like-minded individuals to share a little romance. Not only does the focus on marijuana help love-seekers find a compatible life partner, but it can also help them find a compatible sex partner.

One such site is “High There!,” a Florida-based social networking app. It provides a platform for users to find a smoking buddy, a dating partner or even a spouse. It gives its users a certain level of comfort because of a mutually shared interest – marijuana.

Marijuana has already been shown to create a heightened sexual experience. It allows the partners to be more open in the sack, which can also lead to more openness in the relationship.

The key is to not overdo it with the consumption. As University of Alberta sociology professor Geraint Osborne points out, “If used responsibly, cannabis can lead to better understanding among couples by helping each partner put themselves in the other’s shoes. [However], if they are spending all of their time just getting high, and thinking about how to get cannabis to get high, then they’re just not focusing on the important parts of their life, including relationships.”

Cannabis could become an even larger component of the dating scene. Antuanette Gomez, owner of Toronto-based Pleasure Peaks, asserts, “When it comes to cannabis, and since we’re legalizing it so quickly, there will be a definite shift. I believe that relationships, true relationships, will have the communication to figure that out.”