Cypress Hill singer teams up with brewery on cannabis beer

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B-real and Sweetwater Brewing are launching a new craft lager with a south-of-the-border twist

The front man of the popular band Cypress Hill, B-real, has been participating in the cannabis industry for a while now but is taking another step towards diversification presenting a new product. He is the owner of five Dr. Greenthumb’s shops in California and now will also be featuring as a cannabis beer producer in association with SweetWater Brewing Company. This Atlanta-based company already has experience creating beverages infused with cannabis and is working on a new mix for B-real named Insane OG.

This beer, named after Cypress Hill’s hit song “Insane in the Membrane,” presents itself as a craft lager with a Mexican style. When B-Real visited the brewery, he said,” We’re going to attempt to get our flavor into the beer. A little bit of that experience in a bottle. The Insane experience in a bottle.”

Insane OG will have 420 Extra Pale Ale, Chocolope Stout, G13 IPA, Mango Kush Wheat Ale, Hop Hash Easy IPA and Hazy Double IPA. Sweetwater’s publicist Tucker Sarkisian tells CelebStoner,”Our flagship 420 Extra Pale Ale was first brewed 23 years ago. This crisp, flavorful West Coast style pale ale carries the ‘420’ moniker as a nod to the lifestyle we live and love. In 2018, we introduced 420 Strain, a brand-new line of beers that pushes the envelope of brewing by marrying select hops and botanically sourced terpenes with a proprietary hemp flavor. Each starts with a delicious base brew, then our brewers and lab scientists work to find the perfect complementary blend of botanically sourced, strain-specific terpenes and proprietary hemp flavor to emulate the aroma of a cannabis strain.”