Curio Wellness makes changes to its cannabis business as it enters new states

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The cannabis company is growing fast and is changing to meet the times

A year ago, Curio Wellness announced its innovative franchise program, which it now intends to roll out across the US. Adaptation is something that any business model has to get used to, especially when it comes to an industry as changing and growing as marijuana. The company has now entered ten different states and is accepting franchise applications in each of them. Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Maryland, Missouri, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia are the markets where Curio Wellness has now made its way.

The intent of the program is to sweep away all those boulders in the way of opening a dispensary. The application for a franchise license is open to anyone and different founders have the ability to seek capital through the Curio Wellness Fund. In addition, the company is also reportedly doing the necessary paperwork to change the name of its retail operations to Far & Dotter.

Jerel Registre, managing director of the Curio WMBE Fund, indicated that the fund was able to raise a total of $20 million to date and expects the fundraising deadline to be October 31. He says he is very pleased with what has been achieved so far with respect to the fund’s investor base, which is represented by 40%. “My focus in the fund is driving diverse entrepreneurship,” Registre said. “The reason cannabis is a great industry to do that is that it’s a growing opportunity. It’s just a big ocean to put the boat on in terms of growing diversity among entrepreneurs. It’s an area of the economy and it’s a booming industry where the need for diversity is understood.”

There is no doubt that this program is being undertaken at an ideal time, especially after seeing how the cannabis industry has achieved record sales and consumer adoption, even as it goes through a global pandemic.