Conservative group falsely tries to upend the cannabis industry in Colorado

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The Centennial Institute uses tainted data to support its cause

If you have to resort to false and manipulated data to support your position, your position isn’t worth supporting. Unfortunately, the public is bombarded daily with misinformation and FUD, a term coined recently to indicate “fear, uncertainty and doubt.” The latest example comes from the Centennial Institute, a conservative group that is trying to reverse Colorado’s position on marijuana. Instead of wasting its energy and resources trying to overturn policies – which simply isn’t going to happen – it should dedicate its efforts to ensure the industry can grow and evolve in a regulated environment that benefits the general public.

The group tries to argue that “for every dollar gained in tax revenue, Coloradans spent approximately $4.50 to mitigate the effects of legalization.” Of course, what it doesn’t want to point out is that the long-term impact of legalized marijuana will produce a greater return on investment against the initial cost.

It also states, “About 15 people are severely burned as a result of marijuana use per year.” More than that are burned with kitchen stoves – perhaps those should be outlawed, as well.

Centennial tried to make additional points, as well, but when some of its arguments fail to hold up against a simple cursory examination, the entire report loses its credibility and falls apart.

The benefits of marijuana, by far, outweigh the negatives. This fact has already been proven over and over. It’s a shame that so many seem to suffer from cognitive dissonance. Perhaps they could seek relief through marijuana.