Connecticut has a new marijuana bill filed by lawmakers

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Adult recreational marijuana could be coming to Connecticut soon

The logical step for states that are already operating a legal medical cannabis business is to continue eventually with making the plant legal for adult use. The path looks bright for cannabis legalization in the Nutmeg State, as it seems to have full endorsement from the governor and top legislators. A new bill was just filed by Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney and House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz on behalf of the governor to legalize recreational sales.

During his State of the State address two days ago, Governor Ned Lamont reconfirmed his efforts to legalize marijuana. He also mentioned special funding to hire government employees to help the development of guidelines for regulation.

Another relevant topic tackled in this bill is the social equity issues that rose from unfair cannabis convictions targeting minorities. Not only their records can be expunged but also these individuals will have endorsement from the government to participate in the industry and to be in those communities that have taken the hardest hit from the drug war. The responsible agency will be the “Cannabis Equity Commission,” with the main function to encourage “participation in the cannabis industry by persons from communities that have been disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition and enforcement.”

“It’s clear this bill is intended to incorporate all the stakeholder feedback of the last session to produce a robust plan of action and for that, we applaud the governor,” Jason Ortiz, the Connecticut-based president of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, told Marijuana Moment. “Where we see room for improvement is on the criminal justice provisions which must address releasing those currently incarcerated and providing re-entry services and economic opportunities for our returning friends and family members.” The bill has been referred to the Joint Judiciary Committee, which is suggesting a few penalties for possession.