Connecticut governor set on bringing in cannabis

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Governor Lamont is determined to allow the state to reap the benefits of legal cannabis

In his annual State of the State presentation, the governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, reiterated this week his support for the legalization of recreational adult-use marijuana in the state. Earlier efforts have been made and then blocked by the state legislature. The governor is now ‘pledging to cooperate’ with lawmakers to get something passed in 2021. Lamont, in a speech earlier this week, “I am working with our neighboring states and as well as with the legislature on the legalization of marijuana.”

What is actually happening here is that other states surrounding Connecticut have already legalized recreational cannabis sales. When they get to talking and comparing notes, and bottom lines, it becomes very obvious very quickly that having legalized marijuana sales in the state puts money in the state’s coffers while the management logistics involved are not that complicated or costly.

What it comes down to is one state that has a balanced budget with money in the bank while the other, still hurting from the loss of tax revenue from bars, restaurants, theatres and such due to the COVID-19 pandemic still raging in our country.
That tax revenue is not coming back any time soon.

With legal dispensaries open for business right across the state line, people in Connecticut simply drive over, purchase their cannabis, pay for it and leave the tax money there across the state line. Once politicians start to add up what that is costing the state in taxes each month, the decision to legalize recreational cannabis will be a no-brainer.