Congressman representing Oregon has plan to end federal marijuana ban

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“Cannabis prohibition will end,” says politician

Oregon Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer is on a mission. He wants to see the current federal prohibition on marijuana meet its demise and has prepared a plan to ensure it happens. He introduced a plan last week that could lead the House to legalize marijuana by the end of next year.

More Americans already support marijuana reform. Recent polls have shown that almost two-thirds of the country is in favor of legalizing the plant, following an increasing trend among states that have already introduced their own legislation. 31 states and the District of Columbia now allow marijuana use on at least a medical level and nine allow recreational use.

According to Blumenauer, who has drafted an eight-page roadmap for marijuana, says, “Congress is out of step with the American people and the states on cannabis. We have an opportunity to correct course if Democrats win big in November. There’s no question: cannabis prohibition will end.”

Some of the items the politician addresses in his roadmap include a hearing by a House Judiciary Committee to discuss marijuana descheduling and a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing to push for more marijuana research. He also wants to see the Veterans Affairs Committee conduct a hearing on safe and equal marijuana access for all veterans and for the House Ways and Means Committee to lead a discussion on marijuana business taxation.

Most people expect the Democratic Party to take control of the House following the midterm elections next month. This could help Blumenauer realize his dream. However, he will still have to worry about resistance from the Senate, which is expected to continue to be controlled by Republicans. With the increased public support for marijuana, though, perhaps they can put aside their partisan bickering and do what they’re paid to do – support the public’s wishes.