Congressional legalization hearing today an important step for the industry

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Congress will explore key points on the possibility of nationwide cannabis legalization

Today’s meeting of the Congressional subcommittee on marijuana will take place, an important step for the industry as a whole. Ahead of that, House Republicans and Democrats released a joint memo detailing key points on the issue that they are likely to report during today’s talks.

The meeting titled “Developments in State Cannabis Laws and Bipartisan Cannabis Reforms at the Federal Level” was initially announced last week by the House Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Oversight Subcommittee. Many of the people scheduled to share testimony are expected to be in favor of legalization.

A number of relevant documents have been released in advance of the meeting, including what is described as a “joint memo” from the majority and minority staff that was submitted before the week began. The panel is chaired by Rep. Jamie Raskin, while Rep. Nancy Mace will take the role of ranking member.

Given that the leadership on the subcommittee boasts the same bipartisan interest in promoting marijuana reform, it makes sense that many of the witnesses raising their voices today are known to support ending prohibition. The joint memo will undoubtedly be tasked with providing sufficient information to justify why comprehensive policy change is in the best interest of the country.

The panel has listed the three main issues that will be discussed today. These include establishing protocols for regulating cannabis as it does alcohol, decriminalization of cannabis at the federal level, and reform in various sectors, such as criminal justice, taxation, regulatory policy, and access to financial services.