Congressional lawmakers expect 2023 to bring progress in marijuana reform

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2022 saw some advances in federal cannabis legislation, but more can come next year

While 2022 was not the year of federal marijuana reform, there were significant milestones that suggest that 2023 could be the make-or-break year. Bipartisan lawmakers in Congress are touting what has been accomplished over the past two months and predicting “more progress” in the next session. Optimism is always good, especially when it comes from key national policymakers.

While it is true that Congress was not able to enact the major cannabis reforms that many advocates had hoped for, throughout 2022, a new report indicates that some bipartisan lawmakers are touting several modest victories they were able to achieve. As a result of the moves that were made, they believe there is a strong chance that the issue will continue to advance even further in 2023.

The Congressional Cannabis Caucus listed in a year-end memo its accomplishments, including President Joe Biden’s signature on the first stand-alone cannabis reform bill to promote research on the plant. They assured that they were working day and night so that “Alaskans and all Americans would have the opportunity for a better life not only for today, but for tomorrow and the future.”

The House took the applause of the caucus in terms of legislative accomplishments this year. This group of legislators passed a cannabis legalization bill as well as the marijuana banking reform bill.

Unfortunately for stakeholders, opposition from the Senate meant that many of these measures did not achieve the desired success. Be that as it may, congressmen say 2023 could come with much more positive winds for bills at the federal level that could change the course of the cannabis industry.

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