Congress set to vote on several cannabis topics this week

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Although progress in Congress is slow, cannabis reform continues to find support

This week will be full of movement for marijuana and all that surrounds it after a series of amendments received the go-ahead from a key House committee yesterday. Those amendments are cannabis and psychedelic-related issues for floor votes as part of large-scale spending legislation. It is possible that such floor action will be brought up today.

On the other hand, supporters of legalization had high hopes that measures protecting the housing of cannabis users would go their way, but the panel decided to block them. This has led to a lot of dissent from activists. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton is the one who brought the proposal to the floor for consideration, and it was aimed primarily at appropriations legislation for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), so that marijuana use or possession would not be an excuse to deny people access to public housing.

A pro-reform amendment that did successfully advance would encourage the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to pass the necessary rules to allow cannabidiol (CBD) to be used as a dietary supplement and food ingredient. Many advocates have been trying to get this proposal to reach its ultimate goal, especially after seeing how CBD has become such a good healthy alternative for many people today.

Representative Debbie Lesko, on the other hand, is pursuing a proposal to the Department of Health and Human Services appropriations bill to end a rider that is in the bill today that “allows federal funds to go to institutions of higher education that are conducting marijuana research.”

There are several issues currently being played out in Congress, and while some are not getting the support they need, others are close to getting their way.